Underground Cables & Systems


Barqtron has extensive experience of cable projects from 33kV up to 220kV Level, encompassing every aspect from planning to commissioning. This includes engineering, route surveys, cable-laying, installation and final testing as well. Our expert team provides supplies and services for both Low Pressure Oil Filled (LPOF) and XLPE cables.

We Provide Complete Service for

  • Thorough route survey for the identifications of existing services via Offline and Online Utility Identifiers and with Radio imaging using Ground Penetrating Radars
  • Designing of Cable System that includes Conductor Cross-section & Current Calculations, Sheath Voltage Calculations, Metallic Sheath Earthing Design, DTS (Distributed Temperature Sensing) System Design and Selection of Power Cable Accessories with respect to application as per international standards
  • Installation of cable systems including trench, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), cable pulling, clamping of cable, Link Box installation, Cable Joints as well as Cable sealing Ends under the supervision of Certified Cable Accessories Fitters
  • Custom Cable Joints and Termination Design for retrofitting in existing system
  • Construction of cable trenches/ducts bank for Power cables inclusive of trench covers, trays and supports as required and specified
  • Fiber Optic Cable Design, Laying, splicing, termination & testing so as to accommodate Substation Communication & Power Cable protective relaying system
  • Performing pre-laying, post laying and Final Tests on Power Cables that includes Metallic Sheath Integrity Test using Hi-pot Tester, Conductor Resistance Testing, Insulation Resistance Testing, Capacitance Testing and Positive/Negative/Zero Sequence impedance determination of laid power cable circuits
  • Pre-Locating, Pinpointing & Repairing Metallic Sheath and Conductor faults on new and already laid circuits

Our Promise

We will plan and execute complete projects from start to finish while building a strong relationship with our clients. We take complete charge from design, engineering, and testing, to supply, commissioning and maintenance by using a tailored approach for specific client & project requirements. We guarantee timely delivery with attention to detail, post-project maintenance, and an optimized financial plan.