Power Grids


Barqtron offers complete solutions from the concept to commissioning on turnkey basis for High Voltage AIS or GIS Substations from 11kV up to the 220kV level as per IEC and other International Standards. The Power Grid unit is moved by an exceptionally experienced group of experts having rich involvement in taking care of both green field and brown field employments.

Our Services Include

  • Engineering and Design of Substations pertaining to Load Flow Study, Short Circuit Analysis, Protection Coordination, Primary and Secondary Design, Lightening Protection & Earthing System Design, Balance of Plant, and Civil & Steel Structure design
  • Procurement and Supply of Substation equipment from OEMs considering project’s technical and financial needs
  • Civil Construction and Development related to Substation Equipment Foundations, Control Room Building, Lattice tower and A frame foundations, GIS Hall & MV Distribution Feeder Building, Specialized Battery Bank rooms and Capacitor Bank rooms
  • Custom Cable Joints and Termination Design for retrofitting in existing system
  • Installation of electrical equipment including but not limited to Power Transformer, Current Transformers, Voltage Transformer, Disconnectors & Earthing Switches, Circuit Breakers, Surge Arrestors, Control & Protection Panels, MV Switchgear Cubicles, DC Chargers, AC/DC Auxiliary Distribution Panels, Local Control Cubicles, Gas Insulated Switchgears, HV Bus works, Equipment Earthing & Mesh works, Capacitor Banks, Control & MV Cable Laying & Termination, DC Battery Banks, PLC/SDH Telecommunication equipment, RTU/SCADA System etc.
  • Testing and Commissioning of Substations comprising of Single Busbar, Breaker & Half , Double Busbar or Ring Busbar Schemes, where the team is equipped with a modern test set like Megger EGIL (Circuit breaker Timing Tester), Programma MOM600 (Contact Resistance Tester), Omicron CT Analyzer(Instrument Transformer Testing), Omicron CPC100 (Multifunctional tester), Kyoritsu Insulation Tester, Megger SMRT (6 Phase Secondary Injection Protection Relay Tester), Megger VIDAR (Vacuum Interrupter Tester) etc.