Power Electrification


Power Electrification provides contracting services from retrofit equipment installation to new plant installation. Barqtron possesses the full engineering capabilities of designing, supplying, installation, testing, commissioning of LV Switchgears, Industrial Substations, Motor Control Cubicles, BusBar Trunking System, Cable Support & Trays, Power factor Improving System & Harmonic Filters.

What services we offer

  • Thermography of Electrical equipment in operation, which allows us to detect overloaded circuits, faulty or high resistance connections, damaged fuses and clips, and other defective electrical components before they can cause expensive facility damage or production losses
  • Power Quality and Harmonic Analysis, using the unmatched Flukeā€™s Power Quality analyzer through which we will analyze the Power Quality and Harmonics present in your electrical system and advise accordingly for rectification
  • We have expertise in designing, supplying, installing and testing the commissioning of the following systems:
    • Industrial Substation consisting of MV Switchgear, Distribution Transformer & LV Switchgears
    • Motor Control Centers comprising of Direct On-line, Star-Delta, Soft-Stater or Variable frequency Drives
    • Power Factor Improvement Panels with Static Stage as well as Dynamic ones to compensate with changing power factors
    • Industrial Lighting & Electrification works of plants
    • Sandwich Type Busbars from 20 Amps lighting bus bars to Power distribution 6300Amps Busbar for High Rise, Supermarkets, exhibition halls etc.