Industrial Automation


Barqtron provides Industrial Automation, instrumentation & control products and services, which include PLC Based control of Plant, Soft-Stater & VFD based control for Industrial Motors, Automatic Transfer System design, Substation/Factory SCADA Solutions and DCS for process plants.

What services we offer

  • Designing relay-based or PLC-based automation system as per the user’s requirement
  • Substation Automation, Implementing Dynamic Load Shedding strategies, Energy Management Systems, Multisource changeover implementation including communication of IEDs like Protection Relays, Energy Analyzers, Bay-controller & RMUs over Modbus or IEC61850 and interfacing with utility through IEC60870-104/101
  • Upgrading old relay automation logic of a process to a more sophisticated and flexible PLC-based control to the end user
  • Complete Flow metering of Water, Air, Gas, Electricity & Stem (WAGES) Monitoring System for industrial plants.