Overhead Transmission Line


Barqtron provides complete range of services for Overhead High-Voltage Transmission Line construction up to 220kV. Our expert team has extensive experience to handle all aspects of the process from survey, design, material procurement, structure erection, wire stringing, Testing & commissioning and overall project management even in the most challenging terrains.

Our Services Include

  • Pre-Construction consulting and design, advance software are being opted for survey GNSS-RTK is used and for structural and geometric design of Overhead Power lines PLS-CADD is used
  • Environmental compliance and mitigation as well as preparation and clearing of ROW
  • Structure foundation Installation on Hard rocky soil to Marshland terrain
  • Erecting H-Frames, Gantry, Steel or Concrete Monopoles and Lattice Tower
  • Conductor Stringing, adjusting sagging, clipping, dead ending and reconductoring
  • Test using Hi-pot Tester, Conductor Resistance Testing, Insulation Resistance Testing, Capacitance Testing and Positive/Negative/Zero Sequence impedance determination of Circuit